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Yuki Shimada presenting the PSR-S900.
The DJI Spreading Wings S900 has a lightweight, highly portable frame that enables creators to take it anywhere and capture content like never before. Built with our most advanced technology, the S900 combines power and durability for on-the-go professionals who expect the most out of their equipment. Footage shot in Sichuan, China, and Malibu, California, USA. Learn more at
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DJI S900 Professional Filming Drone - Designed for the 4K Filming Era,
The Best Way to Carry the 4K cameras (GH4 / BGMCC) into the sky.
DJI has been making professional drones for years, this is the latest Spreadwings S900, a 900 class Hexacopter with very powerful motors, designed to carry heavy payload and still able to perform very fast movement, it's the Ferrari of drones, evolved from the older S800 and S800EVO frame, inspired from the big brother S1000, the S900 has the best of them all, using Six DJI 4114 Pro motors and integrated ESC on each arms, generating Max. 2.5kg thrust for each motor, that means totally 15kg of thrust, divide it by half, that means 7.5kg if the safe range for the all-up weight. Carrying the DJI Z15 Zenmuse gimbal and a very large battery (e.g. 6S 16000mah battery, weight 2kg), the all-up-weight is about 7kg, you will get max 18 minutes of hovering time, that's a very impressive time for a drone this big. Included is the retractable landing gear, it has it's own smart circuit and will deploy automatically if anything happens, good feature!
The Spreadwings S900 is a well developed platform, proven to be reliable and a economical choice for advanced players and commercial users, remember to hook it up with a good Flight Controller like the DJI A2 and the state-of-the-art Z15 Zenmuse 3-Axis Gimbal, you'll get professional grade video footage with this combination, in fact, a lot of Commercial users have been using DJI Spreadwings Drones and Z15 gimbal for a long time, proven to be a successful and user friendly equipment to use, assemble is easy, with the well illustrated manual (on DJI website) and tutorial videos, as long as you have experience in flying the DJI phantom, you should be able to get it setup in 1 hour. Another great feature of the drone is it's SUPER easy to deploy, you see all the arms and propellers can be folded, just stretch them and lock them, no tools need, just do it by hands and you're ready to fly within 3 minutes when you arrive the site. It's recommended to have two persons to operate this drone, a pilot for the S900 and another person to operate the Z15 gimbal, now you're ready to shoot some Hollywood grade videos, chasing car, wide shots, scenic shots, fly over tree tops with 4K resolution, imagine what you can do with this user friendly and reliable aerial filming solution.

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