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Hello and welcome to the thirteenth episode of Sketchy Song on Saturday!
Sketchy Song on Saturday is a series in which I will be posting a live performance.
It will contain a song that isn't a 100% finished. Critique is encouraged, so I can improve the song!
We started this song with a almost completed song, missing a bridge and lyrics + vocals. We managed to come up with a bass line and then recorded everything a lot of times because it was really hard to get everything right. Especially the guitar was tricky; the song is quite hard to play without a lot of noise from the strings or fingers.
But in the end we did get everything the way we wanted it and I'm quite pleased with the result :-)
Bass: Maas Van der Veen
Guitar: Pelle Kuipers
Vocals & Lyrics: Pelle Kuipers
Taste the bitter pill
It's hard to swallow
A saphire embedded chain
Too pretty to take off
and it'll change
I'll be a better man
For days
It's a story tale
about the broken leash
Taste the bitter pill
It's hard to swallow
A silver linked chain
Too pretty to take off and leave in the dirt
With a broken smile and a packed case
With empty hands standing in the rain
Laid-back, she said 'I will think about it'
Lady of the north
Lady of the north
Guitar: Aria Pro FS1000 with Filtertron pickups
Bass: Spector Euro LX 5
Amp: Blackstar HT1

Recorded using: Zed 10FX
Mics: Shure sm 57
Se Electronics Se2200a

Thanks for watching, don't forget to leave us a comment or Like!

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