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DisneyCarToys Doc McStuffins Walking and Talking Doll!!! From Disney Junior's hit show Doc McStuffins, Just Play has released for Christmas 2014 this brand new "Doc McStuffins Walk 'N Talk" Doll. In this toy review video, Dottie McStuffins runs over lots of toys including: Peppa Pig, Imaginext Batman, Disney Frozen Elsa Magic Clip Doll, George Pig, Sofia The First, Lego Duplo Spiderman, Zoe Zebra, The Little Mermaid's Ariel, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. The Doc Is In!!! Doc pulls her Doc Mobile with Lambie inside as she walks across the room.
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This video features the new 2014 Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Walk 'N Talk Doll made by Just Play. This playset includes: Doc Doll, Lambie, Stethoscope, thermometer and magnifying glass.
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DisneyCarToys Frozen Kids go back to school with Barbie as their teacher! Frozen Disney Princess Anna, Kristoff and Prince Felix drop off their kids to the Barbie Classroom school for their first day of preschool. The Frozen dolls take lots of pictures of their kids. Barbie teaches the kids about clothes and fashion and lets Felicia, Krista and Alex walk home from school early. At the Frozen Palace and Ice Castle, the parents are mad that the kids went home early and decide to Homeschool.
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This video features the Barbie school set called "Barbie Classroom" from 1998 and is a vintage Barbie set.
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DisneyCarToys Frozen Elsa gets a new bed, the Barbie Bed To Breakfast Bedroom. Disney Frozen Princess Elsa can't sleep in her ice bed. She goes crazy and throws shoes until Prince Felix, Felicia and Alex buy her a new glam Barbie doll bed. Elsa's new bed has a breakfast in bed table, nightstand and lots of Barbie accessories.
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This video features the Barbie Bed to Breakfast bedroom glam furniture set
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First series !!
Rich girl is a highschool-comedy-slice life story and use mlp toys with lps-like drama
the idea was gotten from my mind,so i didn't really copied everybody,i swear..is there any same scene did you see please remind me
starring Alicia Von Schweetz Rays (Sunny rays) the rich girl who are useless,selfish,and demanding.she though today was going to be a perfect day but her maid Jessie (Twilight Sparkle) a love-freak annoying girl told her that they went to her dad school..
see Alicia adventure in her first public high school,this is only the prologue,with so much boom sound effect that i got from random person on youtube with so much comedy.
Alicia can be called a tsundere (well i was an otaku a long time ago) tsundere is like so mean in the outside but soft in the inside,and Jessie is kinda remind me of Flonne in Disgaea series and about movies she talking about thats was my favorite too and inspire me
Geek Sheek (Disney),Lps Popular (sophegtv) MLP bad girls (mlpstopmotion) Twilight series and of course the Host (i didn't watched it yet though..)
Boom sound effect from random person on youtube
Perfect Day (barbie and the popstar) hey RD is keira guys !
Kevin Macleod for the music
and some sound effect that i got in Internet
sakura effect from random youtube person
i wish i can get more views,so please help me sharing this
oh well sub,comment,like,and share :3
feel free to be my pff :3
and give me some juicy idea !!
it took more than 3 hours to upload this --"
big backyard savannah playhouse reviews Design your House landscape yourself easily with our landscape designs and tutorials with videos and how to's. You'll Get Over 7000 landscaping design so you will find the one that you like for great looking back yard, front yard, gardens, driveways, decks, pools and such. More at Link in Video
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