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Music by Kevin Macelod: "Hustle"
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Riggs, the chocolate labrador retriever, does his post bath grass grunt roll. And then he pees on my ma's nice flowers. If you have a lab, this is pretty much an every day thing.
If you've had a bad day or having a bad day, let this Chocolate Lab put a smile on your face.
Riggs AKC - "Riggs of Lethal Weapon" - Male - Chocolate Labrador Retriever - 95lbs - 29" tall (top of front shoulders) - Genetically over-sized paws for his breed. Temperament - Strong Will yet pleasant and very loving. If Riggs gets it in his mind to go for a walk or fetch his training dummy or go goose hunting, there's no stopping him. He will let you know it. He also doesn't know his own strength. He has pushed me down several times and I'm a trained cage fighter. He also broke my mother's collar bone when she was walking him on the leash and he saw something he wanted to fetch accross the street. Riggs is also extremely smart. He picks up on commands very quickly. He knows the difference between fetching the "Newspaper" a "goose" and a "duck". You can command him, "Riggs, fetch the goose" and he'll bring the goose, when the "duck" is right next to it. And vice versa. He is an excellent hunter and retriever in the marsh to say the least. He never tires in high grass, ponds, or marshes.
About Chocolate Labs:
Chocolate labradors
The origins of all Chocolate labradors listed on the LabradorNet database (some 34,000 Labrador dogs of all shades) to eight original bloodlines. However, the shade was not seen as a distinct colour until the 20th century; before then according to Vanderwyk, such dogs can be traced but were not registered. A degree of crossbreeding with Flatcoat or Chesapeake Bay retrievers was also documented in the early 20th century, prior to recognition. Chocolate labradors were also well established in the early 20th century at the kennels of the Earl of Feversham, and Lady Ward of Chiltonfoliat. The bloodlines as traced by Vanderwyk each lead back to three black labradors in the 1880s—Buccleuch Avon, and his sire and dam, Malmesbury Tramp, and Malmesbury June. Morningtown Tobla is also named as an important intermediary, and according to the studbook of Buccleuch Kennels, the chocolates in this kennel came through FTW Peter of Faskally.
Labradors are relatively large, with males typically weighing 64 to 95lbs and females 55 to 80lbs. Labradors weighing close to or over 100 lb (45 kg) are considered obese or having a major fault under American Kennel Club standards, although some Labradors weigh significantly more. The majority of the characteristics of this breed, with the exception of colour, are the result of breeding to produce a working retriever.
As with some other breeds, the Conformation (typically "English", "show" or "bench") and the Field (typically "American" or "working") lines differ, although both lines are bred in both countries. In general, however, Conformation Labradors tend to be bred as medium-sized dogs, shorter and stockier with fuller faces and a slightly calmer nature than their Field counterparts, which are often bred as taller, lighter-framed dogs, with slightly less broad faces and a slightly longer nose; however Field Labradors should still be proportional and fit within AKC standards. With field Labradors, excessively long noses, thin heads, long legs and lanky frames are not considered standard. These two types are informal and not codified or standardised; no distinction is made by the AKC or other kennel clubs, but the two types come from different breeding lines. Australian stock also exists; though not seen in the west, they are common in Asia. These dogs are also very good with children.
The breed tends to shed hair twice annually, or regularly throughout the year in temperate climates. Some Labradors shed a lot; however, individual Labradors vary. Labrador hair is usually fairly short and straight, and the tail quite broad and strong. The webbed toes of the Labrador Retriever make them excellent swimmers. The webbing between their toes can also serve as a "snowshoe" in colder climates and keep snow from balling up between their toes- a condition that can be painful to other breeds with hair between the toes. Their interwoven coat is also relatively waterproof, providing more assistance for swimming.

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