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— универсальная коляска для двойни
— 4-колесная
— различная ширина осей
— регулировка наклона спинки
— ремни безопасности
— корзина для покупок
— ручной тормоз
— артикул 2289293
— в наличии
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El nuevo cochecito gemelar Twone de Jané es el cochecito de dos plazas que es como de una. Twone es evolutivo y convertible, pues pasa de ser un coche individual a uno gemelar en unos segundos! Igual de cómodo y seguro que los coches individuales te permitirá gran versatilidad a la hora de combinar porta bebés, capazos y sillas que se colocan fácilmente gracias al sistema Profix.
Twone es supercompacto y multifuncional, especialmente diseñado para crecer con las familias, ya tengan un hijo, gemelos o niños de diferentes edades.
Personalizado como quieras y descubrirás sorprendentes combinaciones!.
Anclaje al chasis: ProFix; anclaje y desbloqueo con una sola mano.
Plegado tipo libro con seguro.
Respaldos: graduables en 3 posiciones.
Freno de mano: Frenos de tipo simultáneo de doble acción en las ruedas traseras.
Tipo de dirección : Ruedas autodireccionables y bloqueables, con un sistema de giro mejorado, más suave y maniobrable.
Manillar cerrado regulable en 7 posiciones. Empuñadura ergomónica Soft Touch regulable y articulada.
Suspensión delantera, independiente.
Tipo de ruedas: Ruedas traseras extraíble.
Tapizado y respaldo: Desmontable y lavable.
Accesorios : Cestilla portaobjetos y capota.
Tapizado: Exterior y Capota : water-repellent y wind-proof. Tejido interior en contacto con el bebé transpirable.
Nueva cestilla con mayor capacidad.
Hamaquita extraíble y reversible.
Visera 2 posiciones.
Medidas: Abierto: 79/108 x 98 x 62 cm. Cerrado: 30 x 72 x 62 cm Peso: 7.5 kg.
Protector de lluvia, cestilla y 2 Capotas.
Узнайте подробнее и закажите коляску Jane Rider Matrix Light 2 в 1 на сайте -
- Прогулочное сиденье устанавливается в 2х направлениях - лицом вперед или лицом к маме.
- Сидение типа "кокон" - спинка не откидывается, наклоняется целиком - регулируется в 3х положениях (110, 125, 145 грудусов).
- Ткани водонепроницаемые, ветронепродуваемые. легко снимается, можно стирать.
- 5-титочечные ремни безопасности, мягкий бампер.
- У коляски Жане Райдер Матрикс капюшон со смотровым окошком.
- Регулировка высоты ручки.
- Поворотные передние колеса, с фиксацией.
- Система амортизации на всех колесах.
- Регулируемая амортизация задней подвески.
- Тормоз - на ручке коляски.
В комплекте:
шасси, прогулочное сидение, люлька-автокресло группы 0+ Matrix Light, дождевик, сумка-рюкзак.
Акции Скидки Подарки на сайте -
Jane Matrix Light 2 Car Seat-Aqua (Group 0 / 0+)


This new 'MATRIX LIGHT 2' model offers greater depth and a larger interior making it more comfortable and, most importantly, safer in the event of an accident. The structure, along with the extra protection of the integral Polystyrene inner lining, acts as a protective barrier and shock absorber.

A revolutionary multi-functional infant car seat that turns into a carrycot.

Matrix Light 2 is the latest version of the outstanding multi-functional Matrix Light, the evolution of the award-winning classic Matrix. It is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely travelling with baby in the sitting up or lying down position in your car, especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.

This means that if your baby is sleeping in the Jané Matrix Light in the house he can be safely moved to the car, taken to the shops, and brought back home again without ever having to be moved or disturbed from sleep. It also delivers great value for money as it can be used 24/7 - for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress, just like a conventional carrycot, and for naps during the day, yet converts effortlessly into a car seat when required - giving you the best of both worlds at a fraction of the price.

Health Benefits:

Health officials and medical studies agree that to minimise periods of oxygen desaturation, newborn babies should be transported in a lay-flat system which is the healthiest way for them to travel especially on longer journeys. This position facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids optimal spinal development.

The Matrix Light 2 is an evolution of the original classic Matrix and is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely carrying your baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for travelling in the car.
This Latest Version,The Matrix Light 2, is compatible with an option ISOFIX Base - the Matrix Platform allows for even easier and quickier installation in either the lie-flat or sitting-up positions in the car.
It's 20% lighter and has a more spacious interior than the previous Matrix versions.
Can be used as a carrycot and also for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress.
No Time Limits : Baby can initially travel lying down, helping his lungs to develop correctly and preventing any respiratory problems. This position, unlike conventional infant car seats, doesn't have any time restrictions that a newborn can travel in it.
Seat Belt Lock : The seat belt of the vehicle can be locked around the Matrix so it can be tightened to give more stability.
Universal : can be installed even in cars with shorter seat belts : low-routing.
Pro-fix system (Patented) - buttons on the handle control the handle position and allows you to unlock and lift the car seat off the chassis with just one movement. No Need to use or buy extra awkward fitting kits.
One-pull safety harness for easily adjusting harness length.
Automatic harness height adjustment system - The 5 point integral harness is now very easily adjusted, just press a button and slide the lever to the correct height for your baby and the harness adjusts automatically. And because there's no need to undo and rethread the harness as you child grows, it therefore eliminates user error.
The backrest has a 4 position recline - to adapt to the infant's comfort. Two positions approved for use in the car under the safety regulations ECE R44/04.
180° Lie-flat Position, Group 0, infant weight up to 10kg (approx birth to 9months). Ideal for longer journeys and especially the first 4 months of life when baby needs to sleep peacefully.
138° Sitting-up Position, Group 0+, infant weight up to 13kg (approx birth to 18months). Ideal when baby is awake and wanting to play.
Ventilation holes in the shell, to avoid discomfort from perspiration.
Anti-Rotation device provides greater protection for your baby.
Additional Features:
The first evolutionary Group 0/0+ car seat in the world.
The only car seat on the market with no time limits
Can be used as a lie-flat of sitting up infant car seat in the car.
The healthiest car seat for newborns on the market.
More spacious model allowing baby to travel in the safer rearward facing position for longer.
Can be used as a carrycot for overnight sleeping.
Pro-Fix system (patented) locks and unlocks car seats with just one movement. Eliminating awkward fitting kits.
Get an extra 5% discount using code YOU5 at the checkout when buying from our website www.Baby2k.com (Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer e.g. package prices)
Additionally spend over £425 on any travel system and also receive a FREE "Your Baby" Pushchair Hand Muff , a FREE "Your Baby" Car Seat Mat and a FREE Venture Photography voucher entitling the user a free one hour sitting at your local Venture studio. You will also receive a free 9" x 6" framed image. Total value of free gifts is £389!
For further details (and great package deal prices not available on our website) please contact us on 02392 670670

The Jane Twone is perhaps the most revolutionary pushchair the world has ever seen. The Twone has over eighty different configurations all achieved without the need of fitting kits and also boasts a very compact fold. The chassis on Jane Twone is very light and offers Jane's new book fold technology. The Twone can be purchased from Baby2k.com, please call us on 02392 670670 for a great package deal price or view the Jane Twone on our website: www.Baby2k.com
Copyright Baby2k.com 2012
Прогулочная коляска Jane Muum (Жане Мум)

Основные характеристики:
- Прогулочное сиденье устанавливается в двух направлениях, таким образом чтобы малыш мог видеть маму или познавать мир вокруг.
- Система Pro-Fix. На шасси устанавливаются cпальные люльки и автолюльки Jane без дополнительных адаптеров.
- 3 положения спинки.
- Ручной тормоз, позволяет использовать коляску, не повреждая при этом обувь.
- Передние колеса поворотные, фиксируются.
- Ручка регулируется по высоте, можно установить в 7 положениях.
- Ручка с покрытием Soft Touch мягкая и эргономичная.
- Складывается вместе с сидением, имеется ручка для переноски коляски.
- Задние колеса съемные.
- Обшивка сидения съемная.
Размеры и вес:
- Вес: 6,6кг
- Размеры в сложенном виде: 34 см х 60 см х 75 см
- Размеры в разложенном виде: 78-108 см х 60 см х 98 см
В комплекте:
- дождевик,
- хозяйственная сетка.
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