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Want a new COSMOS SE plus Nepton 280L and V700 PSU? Register the serial number and upload a photo of your COSMOS II, COSMOS S, COSMOS Pure or Cosmos 1000 by Nov 30 for a chance to win! Open worldwide.
For more details, please visit:
COSMOS SE - the smaller version of COSMOS II, but by no means "small" - It is not only the 1st COSMOS case with a large side panel window, also features outstanding liquid cooling compatibility by supporting up to 3 radiators at once -- 120+280+360mm and up to 8 fans for extremely high airflow. It provides plenty of expansion with support of up to 8 HDDs or 18 SSDs. It fits all high-end graphics cards up to 395mm with the 2nd / 2nd + 3rd HDD/SSD combo cages removed. In addition, the extra large space between the right side panel and M/B tray (34mm) makes cable management a breeze to all builders.

Right at the start of 2012, Cooler Master released a new case that was trumpeted as an "Ultra ATX" design. And while the name itself is purely a Cooler Master creation, the Cosmos II chassis fits the name more than anything we have seen in recent memory. Even though we posted this video on our PC Perspective YouTube channel before CES, I didn't get a chance to write up this short post and embed our host of images below.
This is an impressive chassis design with tons of features and great layout decisions that needs to be seen to be understood - hence the video review above!
Cooler Master's new Cosmos II case is going to cost you $349 and while that price is extremely high, the fact is this is designed exactly for the PC builder that doesn't want to compromise on anything. It weights nearly 50 pounds without a single component installed and feels like it could take more than its fair share of beating without showing damage. Still, it is unique and stylish enough to look good at the same time.
If you have the space and the money for the Cosmos II, then you will undoubtedly be happy with the purchase.
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