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— прогулочная коляска
— трость
— 8-колесная
— регулировка наклона спинки
— ремни безопасности
— корзина для покупок
— 6.3 кг
— артикул 1117785
— в наличии
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S/V 58' Little Harbor 1989 CARMELLA for Sale by David Walters Yachts located in Lake Worth, FL. For more information please contact David Walters Office: (954) 527-0664, Cell: (954) 328-2130 or visit
Charanga Cakewalk
Putumayo World Music (Latin Lounge 2005)
Cumbia Lounge
foto taken a few days ago in Keri (Faros), Zante, Greece..
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Carmella Marie Natural Hair Care is here to help you build healthy hair. We want you to know more about who we are as a company, as well as give you an essence of our owner and kitchen chemist, Carmella M.
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Wellness and weight-loss expert Carmela Ramaglia is the featured guest on KKOL's "Sound Advice" hosted by Susan Michaels and Rick O'Brien.
Meet Carmela: A trailblazing maverick, Carmela Ramaglia is redefining the self-help and weight-loss paradigms and quickly becoming internationally recognized as a leading authority in clarifying and healing the issues surrounding diet, exercise, self-esteem, emotional eating, body image and weight-loss. Size double zero to double XL and everything in between, this actress and model has lived and experienced it all. Carmela truly understands the unique and painful struggles dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise create - and she knows the way to freedom, happiness and sustainable results.
Carmela is the author of Happy Calories Don’t Count (neither does unhappy exercise), the New Body Mind Makeover™, and Your Most Magnificent You: Keys to Boosting Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self-Worth. She is also a contributing writer for Conscious Living Soul and Wellness Woman: 40 and Beyond magazines. A popular speaker on the subject of emotional eating and reframing the weight-loss paradigm, Carmela has graced countless stages, teleseminars and media interviews.
Whether experiencing Carmela’s suite of life-changing programs or engaging her as a mentor, Carmela’s clients enjoy “self-help that actually helps!” Clients who practice her signature “5 Steps,” enjoy a life-giving relationship with food, enhanced self-esteem and body image, and sustainable results. Forged from the fire of her own pain, Carmela’s groundbreaking “Rings of Alignment” model is the result of reverse engineering the process she discovered to heal herself. Her own painful obsession with her body and weight took the form of an eating disorder – complete with hospital stays and therapy, “healthy” diet and exercise programs – complete with expert nutritionists and personal trainers, and a deep study of self-help, personal growth and various expressions of spirituality - including metaphysics, A Course in Miracles and the Law of Attraction.
Wherever you are on the path Carmela has been there, understands the unique challenges and struggles and knows the way out. Whether you are curiously and cautiously exploring new possibilities, or ready to delve deeply into the core of personal transformation, Carmela has a program that will meet you where you are. She understands the unique challenges, struggles and pain and knows the way to freedom, peace, happiness and results that last.
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  • Где купить дополнительные колеса для коляски Carmella 302B в случае поломки родных?
  • У моей подружки аналогичная прогулочная коляска, но у неё почему-то другая комплектация. Что идет в комплекте с Carmella 302B?
  • Случилась неприятность, отвезла в ремонт детских колясок. Сказали, что нужен какой-то механизм, которого у них нету. Подскажите, где находиться официальный сервис Carmella или фирма по ремонту?
  • Хочу купить новый чехол, старому стирка уже не помагает. Где? Приблизительная стоимость? Цена?
  • Подходит ли эта трость коляска для новорожденного? Если нет, то что посоветуете?

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