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— транспортная система
— 4-колесная
— различная ширина осей
— регулировка наклона спинки
— ремни безопасности
— корзина для покупок
— артикул 925422
— в наличии
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This summer vacation we sailed on the Bavaria 34 Cruiser.
It was a very nice week with good sailing weather. 6 days long with 15 till 20 knots of wind! The cities we visit are : Hoorn, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Stavoren.
We had Sun,Rain,Wind, everything what nature can create.
This bavaria is from 2008, the second generation 34 Cruiser.
Shots where taken with the : Go Pro HD hero
Editing program: Sony Vegas Pro 12
Enjoy watching this Vid.
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a Movie about my BMW E46
• Solo/short handed setup
• Self tacking headsail for cruising
• Full set of North Carbon sails for racing
• Push button and remote control of winches
• Sail locker in forepeak
• Larger 110Hp engine
• Secure internal garage for up to 3.1m dinghy + outboard
• Huge private owners stateroom with en-suite and walk in wardrobe
The Cruiser 55 is a great boat to start with, huge volume and they sail beautifully thanks to the Bruce Farr designed hull and twin rudder setup. When you then improve things further with the upsizing and installation of new equipment, then this particular Cruiser 55 will blow the competition out of the water, quite simply flawless.
In the cockpit, the winch system is routed to a command panel on each binnacle. Allowing for the control of the cabin top and primary winches on each side, along with the furling control for both sails. The boat can not only be tacked and gybed but sails set and stowed again, all without leaving the wheel. The standard Dacron Elvstrom sails have been supplemented with North racing sails and the headsail can be either on the track or free running. Additional Tack Tick jumbo screens and a large Raymarine GPS/Plotter ensure excellent positional awareness.
Every system on the boat can controlled remotely, whether it is dropping the transom and launching tender or setting an anchor, the handheld controls can be utilised as well as the fixed stations.
Internally a four cabin layout is based around a cavernous saloon and galley. The central island increases counter space and is a practical use of space. Twin aft double cabins have en-suite facilities and a fourth bunk cabin to Port is great for a sea berth or overspill accommodation. However it is the owners cabin that sets things apart. The huge island bed with full sized en-suite gives unrivalled space. Being a Bavaria there is plenty of storage and so for longer trips, there is no need to sacrifice creature comforts.
Come and see the best late model, large cruising yacht in Australia, easy to access in Sydney harbour. Please believe the hype. IT IS THAT GOOD!
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