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Britney Spears Awesome Comeback Performance Live on Stage at the Bambi Awards 2008 in Germany



Former fallen Popstar Britney Spears has really achieved a lot during the last months and has now made her live-comeback performing Womanizer at the BAMBI Awards in Germany. The singer looks great and her workout has obviously been a huge success. Her outfit reminded many of Madonna but was just right for the glamourous show that was broadcasted live on TV. Even her private troubles seem to be forgotten when you see the shining face of Ms. Spears and now the world can wait for a so-called Britney 2.0″ that will probably be bigger and better than ever.

Her brand new album CIRCUS can become an important milestone for her career and mark a change in her musical standards. Britney Spears is currently trying to establish herself as a serious musician and working very hard on her future. Now she will take every necessary step to becoma a real star again because she shurely wouldnt want to be called a starlet like other ex-celebrities. This performance will help her to get back on tracks.

US pop singer Britney Spears will pick up a top German media prize Thursday in recognition of her "comeback from an absolute low point" in her career, organisers said.

Spears, 26, will collect the Bambi statuette for Best International Pop Star, and perform a song from her new album, at a gala ceremony hosted by the Hubert Burda Media group, which has given out the gongs since 1948.

"Britney Spears is back," Burda said in a statement. "Radiant and better than ever, the erstwhile teenie idol has reclaimed her throne."

Patricia Rieke, editor-in-chief of Burda celebrity magazine Bunte, called Spears a role model for young women around the world for bouncing back from a string of public humiliations.

"Her stunning comeback from an absolute low point impressed all of us," Rieke told reporters.

Spears will collect her prize in the southern German town of Offenburg a day before she is to appear on the much-watched Star Academy reality television show in France.

Spears hit rock bottom in January when she was twice rushed to hospital for psychiatric treatment after losing custody of her two sons to her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Her new album "Circus" is to be released on December 2, her 27th birthday, containing the single "Womanizer" which has already leapt to the top of the music charts.

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