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As we are a long-term traveling family, people ask us about our experiences on Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand (our most favorite countries on earth)
In this video, I want to give you my opinion on (Indonesia) Bali and Thailand as wei lived in those 2 countries for the last 7 months!
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Bali is one of the biggest provinces in Indonesia, and it encompasses a number of islands as well as the isle of Bali. Located in the westernmost point of the Lesser Sunda Islands, just between Java and Lombok, Bali is home to over four million people, with the majority of the population following the Hindu religion and culture. Bali is also the most visited place in Indonesia, and people from all over the world flock to the island to experience historic music, traditional food and a vast array of tourist markets.
The most important places to visit in Bali are: Ulun Danu temple (in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, you will find such stunning temples as this one amidst inspiring scenery), Beaches (Bali's beaches are among the best in the world. Spectacular vistas surround you. Take time to surf and enjoy the sunsets), Balinese dance (an ancient art form, truly a captivating experience. It is a religious expression and an integral part of the culture), Terraced fields (a common sight in Bali, these fields have been cultivated for literally thousands of years and add to the island's allure), Tanah Temple (located on a rock and Bali's famous Sea Temple, it is a part of Balinese mythology, and said to be constructed in the 15th century) and many more.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Bali travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on , a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.
Background by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) / Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
What to expect from when you go to Bali ? Film de Arthur Levivier
A month in Bali exploring around from a traveller point of view.
Music :
Strawberry Luna by Gemelan Machine
Track 1 and 5 of Degung Bali Volume 2
Rise Up by Yves Larock
Welcome to my paradise by Steven and the coconut treez
Gamelan groove ringtone by LPHovercraft
'Done Bali' - Documentary, 60 min

"Prime Ministers, presidents, pop stars and poets have all done Bali." Kerry Negara took her film crew to Bali in 1992, and in a ground breaking documentary interviewed for the first time, local Balinese about the traumatic history of their so called paradise island.

She did not find Nehru's, morning of the world, but rather an anxious society juggling the complexities of having one foot in the ancient world and one foot in the modern, in a constant struggle for day to day survival.

'Done Bali' unravels the spin and exposes the vested interests that created the myth of Bali as a paradise during the most traumatic century the Balinese had endured the 20th century.

Australian historian Dr Adrian Vickers with Balinese academics Degung Santikarma, I.B. Palguna and Putu Suasta, trace the political manipulations of the early 20th century where bizarrely, in the colonial European imagination, Bali went from being a savage island to a paradise island almost overnight.

The elderly I.B. Rupa gives first hand reports of of the suffering endured by himself and his family in Bali during these same 'paradise years' - the harsh Japanese invasion of the second world war that saw food supplies diminish, volcanic eruptions and natural disasters on a grand scale, poverty and social unrest in the 1960's, the bloody communist purge of the 1960's where an estimated 80,000 Balinese were murdered...

In Ubud, the so called cultural heart of Bali, Kerry finds the disempowered aristocracy busily reinventing itself to take advantage of the financial boon of cultural tourism, while in the beach areas of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak a highly competitive group of expat manufacturers are partying and playing hard, creating havoc in their corner of paradise.

Meanwhile the tourists are in a daze with the golden flowers, the incense and the amazing surf. Through their eyes its all a happy paradise, where every child is a dancer and every farmer an artist.

In an era of mass tourism many vested interests rigidly protect this highly lucrative, saleable image of a cultural paradise - at the expense of truth.

While paying tribute to a resilient island people and a stunning tropical environment 'Done Bali' will forever change the way you see this paradise island.

When Done Bali first premiered on SBS Television it was screened three times in one month due to audience demand and record breaking ratings - such was the shock of the truth to Australians who knew so little of the island they had visited so often.

Done Bali continues to screen internationally and is on curriculum lists around the world.

'Done Bali' - Documentary, versions: 56 min / 60 min

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