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Imagine what you can achieve on your farm or worksite with this genius of multi-tasking. The worlds first 3-machines-in-1 Hanmey Trio MD-50 Crawler Tractor does the work of a dozer, loader and tractor.
The TRiO is all about making it easy. The dozer blade and loader can be swapped over in around 15 minutes using the clever quick release system. The same joystick control is used for both the dozer blade and bucket attachments making it easy for the operator to interchange between functions. Another clever design feature is the steering and braking are controlled with the feet using an intuitive pedal system. This frees the hands to concentrate on operating the loader or dozer.
The Hanmey TRiO is a great investment, for commercial operators it is a smart way to keep capital costs down and stay competitive. You also benefit from the development put into this innovative product. We have had the Trio built to our specifications in China in a certified factory with strict quality control. We even employ our own staff over there to stay on top of the process. This gives us the basis for a very competitive price, we get the best of both worlds by utilising global input on key components. For example all valves and quick couplings are made in Italy, the hydraulic gear pump is from an Italian company set up in China and the hydraulic hoses are from a US company also set up in China.
DRHS Drumline plays music of Spock's Beard, The Light and The Doorway
If you wait with bated breath the release of Star Trek XI, but you have never seen the series and are not familiar with the characters, this series of videos you can help to understand who are Spock, Kirk, McCoy and especially who are the great people who gave him life.
And who have created this world.... Great Gene Roddenberry.

List of videos to watch that you find to my channel:

-Nimoy-Reflections on Spock pt. 1 of 2(uploaded)
-Nimoy-Reflections on Spock èt. 2 of 2(uploaded)
-The Great Trio!(uploaded)
-Sci-Fi Visionaries
-The Birth pt.1(uploaded)
-The Birth pt.2
-The Birth pt.3

The Original cast:
William Shatner: James Kirk
Leonard Nimoy: Spock
DeForest Kelley: Leonard McCoy
James Doohan: Montgomery Scott
Nichelle Nichols: Uhura
George Takei: Sulu
Walter Koenig: Pavel Chekov
In 2003 the Dutch trio Trion (an abbreviation of the words trio and Mellotron) released their debut CD entitled Tortoise, a wonderful symphonic prog album layered with beautiful Mellotron samples.
"Pilgrim", released in 2007, is the second album from Trion. One can hear influences from other groups, such as Genesis and Yes, but they are not simply recreating other group's sounds.
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Pilgrim
2. Silence of the Universe
3. Walk On Land
4. How We Used To Go
5. The Magnificent Forest
6. Reveal The Mystery
7. Giant Man
8. The Book
9. Blue Shadows
10. A Dream
11. The Deep Ocean
Bonus Tracks:
12. Out There Somewhere
13. Frank (new version)
Line-up / Musicians
- Menno Boomsma / drums & percussion
- Eddie Mulder / bass, electric & acoustic guitars
- Edo Spanninga / keyboards
A Blend of Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, R&B, and Blues Rock.
The idea came to the three of us that, as we had created our Interdimensional Traveler CD- the first venture into our collaboration, then followed by Cosmic Rumpus, it seemed fitting that this last of a trilogy should bear the band name John Sferra Trio for the title Infinity Unleashed. The style is characteristically similar to our first two, but with a twist-that being more of an emphasis on the drumming of our friend and fellow player John Sferra. As close friends of John's for many years now, Jack and I are delighted that, on this disc, listeners will experience his amazing creativity on the drum skins. Not only can John put such passion into his drumming but he also has a gift for composition and arrangement. Both Jack Giering and I agree on this and are proud of our friend and his contribution to our collective work.
A Blend of Jazz Fusion, Prog Rock, R&B, and Blues Rock
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