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My 3 yr. old nephew learning to balance on a cruiser.
Search & Destroy: Photoshoot by Carlos Kometzier
WORLD - This photoshoot by Carlos Kometzier showcases a punky, but stylish girl in a leather jacket and a form fitting hot pink dress, denim cutoffs, and other trends.
Photographer/Director: Carlos Kometzier
Model: Joana Sanz (View Management)
Music: Dancing With Myself - The Donnas
Makeup & Hair: Alejandro Castro
Stylism: Mikimono Vintage Shop
Assistant: Raul Afonso
Thanks to Daniel Valcarcel, Estudio Valcarcel, Eduardo Cubillo
Fashion - Spring Water, for Babies to Billionaires
FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first.

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Pathe News reviews 1956 - a year of turmoil.

LV. Snow covered English countryside scene. GV. Snow covered countryside with the sun rising in the background. CU. Snow on farm gate. SV. Pan up Eros statute in Piccadilly covered in icicles. GV. People skating on the frozen Seine in Paris. CU. Man falls on ice and into camera. GV. Man walking across the frozen Baltic to ship. AS. Ship frozen solid in the ice. GV. Snowed up Times Square in New York. CU. Snow falling on policeman in Rome. GV. Snow blizzard blowing in the centre of Rome.

SV. Pan down to ski jump in Cortina, skier jumps. SV. Pan, skier in the air pan, as he lands.

SV. One of the Monte Carlo Rally cars skidding along ice bound road on route to Monte Carlo. SV. Pan another car skidding along ice bound road. GV. Monte Carlo with cars arriving. SV. Winners of the Monte Carlo Rally being congratulated. British trio won the Rally, Adams, Biggar and Johnstone.

GV. Comet III arriving home after victorious round the world flight at London Airport. SCU. 'Cats Eyes' Cunningham and Peter Bugge, the pilots, at microphones.

GV. Students running riot in Cyprus. LV. Soldiers running to meet them as stones are thrown down at them. SV. Shot man lying on the road whilst stretcher is brought out of ambulance. GV. Greek Cypriot leader Archbishop Makarios, surrounded by followers walking through street on way to being deported.

GV. Tribesmen parading before the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, at the Royal Durbar in Nigeria. CU. Tribesmen on horseback. SV. Queen and the Duke watching from dais. SV. Group of dancers dressed in beads etc. CU. Black faced dancer. SCU. Queen and the Duke watching. LV. Pan tribesmen charging down on their horses before the Queen and the Duke.

SV. Air to air shot of the 'Fairey Delta II' in flight, piloted by Peter Twiss. SV. A group of men at instruments recording air speed record. GV. Looking towards sky as the plane streaks across the sky for the record run leaving behind a vapour trail. SCU. Officials looking through binoculars. GV. Looking towards sky as Peter Twiss makes second air speed record across sky. SV. Peter Twiss smiling after the record.

GV. Massed crowds at the Grand National course at Aintree. SV. Track shot with the Grand National horses racing. They jump over jump No 1. Travel shot continued, the horses jump No 2 jump. AS. The Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother looking through binoculars. GV. The leading horses coming up the straight to the finish with Devon Loch leading. CU. Devon Loch racing. He makes his dramatic fall and E.S.B. comes into the picture, past Devon Loch and pass the post.

GV. Crowds outside the Russian Embassy in London. SV. Interior, Britain's Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden and Soviet Premier Mr Nikolai Bulganin, seated together at the luncheon table. GV. The luncheon in progress. SV. Mr Rab Butler and Soviet Communist Party Leader Mr Nikita Khruschev at the table. Kruschev smiles as he selects a bottle of wine from the waiter. CU. Sir Anthony Eden smiling, pan to Bulganin smiling.

GV. Russian warships at Portsmouth. SV. Commander Crabbe, Naval frogman who mysteriously disappears, putting on his diving equipment. CU. Frogmen's feet, pan up to Commander Crabbe adjusting diving gear.

GV. Harbour at Monaco. SV. Interior of church, Prince Rainier of Monaco and American film star Grace Kelly, kneeling before the alter during their wedding ceremony. CU. Grace Kelly kneeling before the alter.

GV. Massed crowd cheering at Wembley Cup Final. GV. Footballer Revvy racing up with the ball, he passes the ball to Clarke who receives it and passes it back to Revvy, who side foots it and Hayes rushes in and slams the ball into the net. GV. Massed crowd cheering. LV. Johnson coming through to score Manchester City's third goal. Ball in the net. CU. Crowd cheering. SV. Birmingham attacking and Bert Trautmann being bowled over in collision with player. CU. Worried looking girl in crowd. SV. Bert Trautmann being helped up on his feet and holding his neck. Manchester City wins the Cup (3-1).

GV. Massed crowd at the Derby at Epsom. SV. Horses race round Tattenham Corner. GV. Horses racing up to the straight and Lavendin passes the post.

GV. Parade of V.C.'s in Hyde Park - Queen's review of the 300 holders of Victoria Cross. Royal party watching from dais (Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Queen Mother and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh). SV. V.C.'s in wheelchairs being pushed past the dais.

GV. Ken Rosewall and Lew Hoad in play in the Wimbledon Men's Finals - winning point to Hoad. They run to the net to shake hands, amidst applause. SV. Hoad and Rosewall shake hands over the net. GV. Applauding crowd. SCU. Shirley Fry and Angela
FILM ID:621.23

People must learn the animals world so, they can teach the humans world.
Julie learns desensitizing, leading, trailer loading obstacle challenge, tying, trimming and more. Teaching tips.
Videos are done during my work day so, you can see what happens, steps of teaching, and problem solving.
The video speed is increased in two areas so, not to bore you.
Gordon Adair Natural Horse Training
Citra (Ocala) Florida
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