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— прогулочная коляска для тройни
— 6-колесная
— различная ширина осей
— регулировка наклона спинки
— ремни безопасности
— корзина для покупок
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The Triplet Baby Stroller from Baby Trend is simply one of the best value buys if you need a triple stroller. Watch this video to see the features, accessories and fold.
A lot of parents find themselves in this situation: you've got a nice stroller that you can't use until the baby is a few months old. You've got an infant carrier that does not mount on that stroller without an extra adapter. So, you use a Snap-N-Go to turn your carrier into a stroller. It isn't a fancy...or smooth...or even very snappy actually... but we love this in our family.
For more on the Snap-N-Go:
- Super easy to use right out of the box
- Portable and light - the infant carriers are not light, so it helps to be able to put the Snap-N-Go over your shoulder while holding all your other baby junk
- Folds up flat and quickly, once you get the hang of it
- Storage - not enough for a trip to Costco, but it's great for a quick trip to the market for a few essentials
- Price - you'll use it for about 5 or 6 months while your baby is still in the infant carrier, so I think it is well worth the $60
- Bumpy ride - there is no suspension and the wheels are pretty cheapo, so your baby will feel all the bumps in the road
- Handy
- No Sweat
- Bargain
Check out my "Stroller Tag" video to see a recent questions/answers now that I've used the stroller for almost a year and a half.
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